Being Taken Seriously

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By Peter Davies and Lindsay River, with a Preface by Lucille Thirby. Polari 2006. 81pp

The Polari in Partnership Project worked locally from 2002 to 2005, in Westminster, Kingston and Hackney, with older lesbians, gay men and bisexuals (LGBs), and with providers and policy makers in these boroughs, promoting better inclusion of LGB older people and sensitive, person-centred and appropriate services. Being Taken Seriously contains two separate evaluation reports on this project, one by an external evaluator and one by the project co-ordinator. It also includes a short report on Polari's 2005 Conference 'In the Life' which brought together national and local policy makers and providers to older people with older lesbians and gay men who were active in the project, presented findings of the project and offered workshops from others working in the field.

  • Part 1: The experience of the Polari in Partnership Project, by Lindsay River
  • Part 2: An Independent Evaluation of the Polari in Partnership Project
    By Professor Peter Davis
  • Part 3: In the Life Conference Report
  • Part 4: Appendices