Frequently Asked Questions

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Why has Age of Diversity been set up?

To research into and campaign about issues affecting older LGBT people.

Why was the name "Age of Diversity" chosen?

The name is intended to reflect the diversity of older LGBT people: not just different sexualities and gender identities, but differences in age, circumstances, experience, needs, and attitudes to the various issues that affect us.

What does "LGBT" stand for?

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans.

"Trans" includes a variety of gender identities, including transgender and transsexual people. We also aim to include in Age of Diversity those who identify as genderqueer (having neither male nor female gender) and those who are intersex.

Some trans people prefer the term "LGB&T" to indicate that Trans is rather separate from the other categories. You may also see the term "LGBT+" which we invented and have begun to use. The idea of this is to include people who have same sex relationships or have a diverse gender identity, but do not use any of the words above to describe themselves. The idea of the plus sign is because if we try to list all the initials, e.g. LGBTQQIA which we have seen (... queer, questioning, intersex and allies) we may still leave someone out.

Does Age of Diversity provide services to older LGBT people?

Not directly: we will not deliver services but will work together with others to make such services more possible and appropriate. For instance, Age of Diversity members might work together to provide relevant information to providers of care homes or care in the home, or social landlords, helping them to plan appropriate services in future. Members of Age of Diversity also raise awareness through varied methods including participation in advisory groups set up by Government, local government, NGOs and community organisations.

Who runs Age of Diversity?

While we get established, Age of Diversity is being run by a small group of volunteers: see Who's who. Once we are established we will hold an AGM and elect a permanent Committee and Officers.

How many people work for Age of Diversity?

Age of Diversity has no employees. It has a small voluntary management committee, and we hope to engage more volunteers in future.

Many of its current activities are carried out by the Convenor, Lindsay River, who represents Age of Diversity on a series of advisory groups for the Department of Health, the Social Care Institute for Excellence, Age Concern Camden and Age UK, and some other organisations as the need arises (for instance delegate at a conference). Other members of the management committee may also carry out similar activities in future.

How will members' views be taken into account?

Age of Diversity will regularly survey its members in order to be able to best represent their views, and will network with the wider community of older LGBT people in a diversity of ways, noting their concerns and opinions.

At present it is planned to survey members at least once a year.

Does Age of Diversity offer social events?

No - but there are many social groups for older LGBT people throughout the country - see our Links pages for more details.

What has Age of Diversity done so far?

Age of Diversity has recruited over 120 people interested in being members and supporters.

We've set up this website.

Our founder, Lindsay River, has produced a report Appropriate Treatment on older LGB people's experiences of general practice, which is shortly to be published and which includes information from 283 older LGBT people we surveyed.

How is Age of Diversity funded?

We have inherited a little money from Polari which closed in 2009. At present we don't expect to be spending a great deal apart from some travelling expenses, stationery, and so on.

Is Age of diversity a registered charity?

No. Our turnover is not big enough at present to justify the work in achieving charitable status. However as we grow bigger we may need to review the situation.

I'm an older LGBT person: how can I help?

If you're an older LGBT person (over 50) you're very welcome to join Age of Diversity, as a full member and take part in the project. Go to the Contact page and fill in your details, and don't forget to select "I'm an older LGBT person and would like to become a full member" in the "Category" box.

I'm not an older LGBT person. Can I still help?

Yes of course. If you're not eligible to be a full member, you can still sign up as a supporter. Go to the Contact page and fill in your details, and select "I would like to become a supporter of Age of Diversity" in the "Category" box.

Who are the people on the right-hand side of this page?

They are a selection of people who've agreed to have their photographs displayed as representing older LGBT people. If you refresh the browser, you'll see a different selection. If you'd like your photo to be added, we'd be very glad to hear from you.