Why Age of Diversity?

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We need a national voice for older LGBT people—to campaign and raise our issues with government and local services. This is especially so since Polari closed in 2009. after 16 years. But in any case it is time for a "user-led" campaigning organisation run by older lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and those older trans people who want to campaign with us.

What about Age UK?

We work closely with Age UK and any other organisations that are providing services that empower older LGBT people and improve the quality of our lives.

And local groups for older LGBT people?

There are some excellent groups around the UK — see our Links page — and we don't intend in any way to try to compete with them: we want them to network with us, give us their views, and pass on ours to their members.

This website

This site is under construction at present. E-mail info@ageofdiversity.org.uk for news of our official launch and other activities.

And we urgently need some more photographs of older LGBT people of both sexes, for use on this website.