Mental health

Reid, J

Development in late life: older lesbian and gay lives
Lesbian, gay and bisexual identities over the lifespan

Quam, Jean K and Whitford, Gary S

Adaptation and Age-related Expectations of Older Gay and Lesbian Adults
The Gerontologist

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Older Lesbian and Gay People: Responding to Homophobia
Marriage and Family Review

Friend, Richard A

The Individual and Social Psychology of Aging: Clinical Implications for Lesbians and Gay Men
Journal of Homosexuality

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Gay Midlife and Maturity

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Stigma, Gay Lifestyles, and Adjustment to Aging: a study of later-life gay men and lesbians
Journal of Homosexuality (Gay Midlife and Maturity)

Wintrip, Sam

Not Safe for us Yet: the experiences and views of older lesbians, gay men and bisexuals using mental health services in London: A scoping study

Smith, P

Encounters with older lesbians in psychiatric practice
Sexual and Marital Therapy
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