Working on this website

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This website is now nearly ready for the Launch of Age of Diversity.

I got talking to Lindsay River quite a while ago while Age of Diversity was still a gleam in her eye, and reserved the web address for when it would be used. I started creating the website in May 2011, using the Drupal content management system. Most of my previous web design experience has been with sites that just display static information, so it was a bit of a challenge getting the interactive aspects of this website together, but I think it's now nearly ready for the launch. Part of the challenge was that I'm using Drupal 7, which is clearly a big advance on Drupal 6, but not all of the modules have been fully implemented in the new version.

I've copied over the main documents from the Polari website, all the external links that were still alive, and the whole of the Bibliography (this took quite a time). The site is still lacking information about some more of the key people, an expanded "Mission statement" page, and a lot more photos for the changing display in the right-hand column.

I'm now very much hoping that people will look at the site, sign up, and contribute.